Content Creation, Strategy & Distribution Planning

Storytelling begins with you. Your story is why the business you have started exists and why the path in life you have chosen is significant. Every day we share our story in bits and pieces with the world – Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram photos, and LinkedIn shares are a daily activity. Having a plan to tell your story, creating compelling copy, establishing a consistent and cohesive message are part of the building blocks to share your story and build your brand.

Book Manuscripts – Memoirs, Creative Non-Fiction & Business

So, you want to start a blog or you have a book just waiting to be written. You are not lost in the woods all alone. Every image has a story, whether it is a photograph you have taken or an image in your mind, the story is worth writing and sharing with the world. Whether you choose to write a blog, book, or article, you don’t have to do it alone. Let’s work together to move your story to the next level and, maybe, outside of the realm of possibility to a stratosphere you thought was not achievable.

Editing & Proofreading

Sometimes all you need is someone to bounce an idea off of to get your creative side moving. Sometimes you have a project that is challenging and needs to be broken down into bite-sized projects. And, sometimes, you just don’t want to tackle the writing. We can work together to jump-start your creativity, break a project into manageable chunks, and take some of the day to day tasks off of your plate.

Partners Who Tell Your Story and Build Your Brand

YellowBird Ghostwriter LLC is your partner. Our first priority is to help you succeed. Every step of your storytelling journey is an engaging, in-depth conversation. Taking the time to understand who you are and the vision you have for your business is reflected in how we write, consult, and support your efforts.

Employing a holistic approach ensures a comprehensive and cohesive thread that runs through all of your written material. Personal, objective, and thought-provoking, YellowBird Ghostwriter LLC maintains a standard of service that puts your needs at the center of the conversation.

Before we begin the journey with our clients, we meet for at least one hour to get to know what it is your business needs or what you are trying to tease out of a deep-seated desire to write. We read what has been written for you or by you in the past. We ask questions that are relevant to the conversation and your business.

Because writing has many layers for expression, concentric circles is the best image to use regarding our approach. Our philosophy is to keep our clients at the center of the planning process

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