Branding: What’s In a Name?

Everyone has a story to tell. Your story is part of your brand.

You choose the name for your business. You design or approve the logo and tagline. Your brand is connected to your story.

And people like stories. They want to know why you chose the name and the logo. They want to become a part of your story. They want to be your number one fan!

Draw upon that curiosity and desire to be a part of something. The innate desire to belong. Tell them your story.

Why your name important?

The name for your business is part of the identity you create. It tells a unique story. 

Do you use your initials or an acronym? Big-name companies have been using this strategy for decades. Think JP Morgan, IBM, or UBS. 

How about your full name? Or just your first name? We’re all familiar with these infamous monikers: Cher, Madonna, Kanye, and Adele. Each may not be original – certainly, there is at least one other Cher, Kanye, and Adele out there (Madonna? Perhaps not…) – but they are distinctive amidst a sea of other entertainers. Their brand has developed a story and a following. The same can be said for the business names above.

The name you choose and the logo you design become identifiers for your business. They make your brand distinctive.

Choose wisely.

My Branding Story

In 2017, I took eighteen months off. I left a PhD program just before submitting my proposal (the first three chapters of the dissertation). I came to the realization that I didn’t want to continue. I had no desire to become a Doctor, despite the lofty accolade associated with the title. If you’ve gone through a PhD program, you understand that it truly is a journey – not a static achievement. This was not a journey I wanted to finish.

I closed out my eighteen-month sabbatical by moving from Miami to the Washington, DC metro area. I was at a business development seminar for coaches when I discovered my dislike of coaching – but my love of the skill that makes coaching a gratifying vocation.

My passion to pursue writing blossomed. Latent in my psyche, it was ready to come to life. I stepped onto a new path to fulfill my dream.

The quest began to redefine how I would present my business model to the world and express it with a symbol to embody my distinct brand.

Why YellowBird?

The name of my company is YellowBird Ghostwriter LLC. It reflects who I am and how I choose to serve others. I bring stories to life and don’t need to take credit.

Vibrant, enthralling, delicate, and powerful: the hummingbird is the only known bird that can move in all directions. These beautiful birds come in almost every color of the rainbow, appearing nearly iridescent as they move poetically through the air, gathering nectar from flowers. You’ve seen them, if only in pictures.

Have you ever felt the wind generated from the wings of a hummingbird? Small yet mighty, this delicate bird is a powerhouse. Small yet mighty is what I aim to achieve as I develop YellowBird Ghostwriter LLC.

The hummingbird was the inspiration behind the name YellowBird.

And why yellow? Because a yellow hummingbird is rare. 

My work takes patience and commitment because the process of moving from ideation to creation, and, finally, implementation and review is a process driven by the client. 

I have developed keen listening skills because this work requires communicating in every way. It means using all my senses to become aware of my client’s voice, tone, message, and audience.

Creativity is a must. Adaptability is a constant necessity.

These are just some of the qualities of YellowBird.

Tell Your Story

Why?” is the most common question posed to business owners. 

Why did you choose the name for your business?

Why did you design the logo that way?

People want to understand and become a part of your narrative. Sharing the story of your brand connects with clients and attracts new business. Once a customer or client feels drawn to your story, they are more likely to become loyal to your brand. 

Prepare yourself to tell the story to every potential customer. The better you know your brand’s story, the easier it will be to share with everyone you meet. Who better to tell the story than you – the creator and owner? You’ve got this. 

Now… tell me in the comments your story. Or contact me and we’ll develop it together. Why did you choose the name for your business? What about your logo – does it have any special meaning to you?