Isabelle A. Harman, Founder of YellowBird Ghostwriter LLC

I started YellowBird Ghostwriter LLC in 2018 after attending a business development training conference for life and career coaches. It was there that I realized my true passion – writing. I love the idea of helping people fulfill their dreams. My coaching skills help me tremendously as I work with clients to find out what it is they want to express in writing.

I have been an entrepreneur my whole life. I’m always seeking out new ways to build something meaningful, something that will benefit others and their community. Finally, I know what I am meant to do – write.

My years of service in the Army, as a soldier and spouse, have given me experiences I wouldn’t want to go back and change. I have met dynamic people, lived in towns from one coast of the lower 48 to the other and even spent a few years in Italy. All of this has given me insight into the strength, compassion, determination, and resilience of human beings. It is with this insight and belief in the human spirit that I approach my business – service, benevolence, determination, adaptability, and partnership.

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